Reis Willer

Willer Reis

IT Governance Analyst

Name:Reis Willer
Date of birth:1989
Phone:(31)9 9291-7724
Bachelor in Computer Science and an MBA in Software Engineer and IT Governance.
IT Governance, Software Quality, Software Engineering, Software Development, Testing and Software Certification.



1. Universidade FUMEC, Belo Horizonte-MG

Scientific Initiation Project

Project developed in order to control a robot via SoC for obstacles deviations. Programming in C language and Verilog.


2. EAC Software, Belo Horizonte-MG

Trainee Tester and countersigning Software

Improvement and learning programming in C language, reading and writing documentation, use cases and test cases, specification of internal projects, business rules and also related to Invoice and SPED (Tax, Accounting and PIS / COFINS). Enhancement of knowledge on Linux and MySQL.


3. EAC Software, Belo Horizonte-MG

Quality Analyst Software

Conducting quality management activities involving the analysis of system processes, documentation development organization and other software support activities in order to contribute to achieving the objectives set by the company.


4. DMA Distribuidora, Belo Horizonte-MG

IT Governance Analyst

Expertise in technical management environments, registration and implementation of changes.
Analysis of capacity of environment, identification, planning and implementation of improvements in the processes of IT. Register management activities, conducting accept environments, review of policies and monitoring. Analysis of recurrence reduction of incidents. Map processes that IT performs and performance indicators of control. Application development in Sharepoint and Excel.
Change Management Control, Performance Indicators and Incidents


5. SENAI- Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem...

Technical level of Vocational Education in Electrical

Area: General Electronics, Digital and Analog, Electrical Machines.
Project: Development of teaching electronics Analog module.


6. Universidade FUMEC, Belo Horizonte-MG

Bachelor of Computer Science

Areas of Final Work: Mobile Robotics, Application development in C and Java language;

Advisor of Final Work: Prof. Alair Dias Junior.


7. Universidade FUMEC, Belo Horizonte-MG

MBA in Software Engineering and IT Governance

Areas of Final Work : IT Governance, Software Engineering.
Advisor of Final Work: Prof. Francisco Paulo Temponi.

Relevant Publications



Flavio Laper, Marcelo Alvarenga, Paulo Magalhães, Rafael Nunes, Willer Reis. Executable Specification for Control of a Robotic System in a System on Chip – SoC.
V Congress of South Brazilian SulComp Computer. 2010.

Extracurricular courses



  • ITIL v3 Foundations, DMA, 2013.
  • Project Management with emphasis on MS Project, DMA, 2013.
  • Analyst IT Business, Trainning Education, 2013.
  • Business Analyst and Process BPMN, Trainning Education, 2012.
  • Strategic Management of Taxes and Duties, Advice and Sped Digital, WSCF 2012
  • Junior Java Web development, Squadra Technologia, 2012.
  • English, Skippers, 2008.

Other Activities



  • Creator and developer of the site Doadores Brasil.
  • Event Information and Document Management, ECM Show, 2012.
  • Lecture of Service as a differential, AC Minas, 2012.
  • Lecture Java Reflection API, WSCF 2011.
  • Lecture Maturity in Project Management, WSCF 2011.